Past shows



Adaptation of the immersive food delivery show in East Icelandic town of 670 inhabitants, Seyðisfjörður. In association with HEIMA artist residency with all proceeds going towards local charity.

Seyðisfjörður 2018
Coburg Carnivale 2018 (Low Res JPEGs)-13


The walls of suburbia come crashing down in this immersive food delivery experience. As audiences hit the streets and explore both dark and light corners in Coburg, the act of connecting with your neighbours becomes a matter of life and death. 45 mins duration.

Melbourne Fringe Festival 2018

A Virtual Virtual Reality Show

Auckland Fringe Festival 2017

‘A Virtual Virtual Reality Show’ (presented by Girls on Key) premiered at Auckland Fringe Festival 2017. An interactive Facebook live-stream experience where audiences decide an assault victim's fate.  40 mins duration.